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September 13, 2012
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Noozles Nostalgia Rush by tran4of3 Noozles Nostalgia Rush by tran4of3
Nostalgia Rush! All it took was a desire to draw something, and an image of this show to get me going on this one. Man, the Noozles. My older brother and I watched this every day, and, wow, looking back on it now, it's still so very much a kid show, but one of the more inventive, fantastic ones.

Quickie summary: A girl comes across a Koala toy, that when she 'nuzzles' its nose, it comes to life. His name is Blinky, and he's got plenty of magic Koala powers, and it turns out he's from some mystical space Koala magic place, and the two make fast friends. There's a second Koala who shows up named Pinky, who is more abrasive, and never lets up on her attempts to bring Blinky away from his new friend and back to the Koala Magic Planet thing place. And in the meantime, they have misadventures and that sort of thing.

Before watching a few episodes again, I totally forgot everything about this show, except there were Koalas in it, and I think the series ended on a sad note. Which is weird considering how ladeedadee the episodes I just watched off Youtube were.

Anywho! Noozles!
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Yami-Marik93 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Did the opening have her snuggle her nose on the teddy bear for it to come to life?
tran4of3 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup! That's the show!
Yami-Marik93 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
it was the same year I did have the VHS tape of G,I Joe and Transformers G1 along with the animated show of Tom Sawyer. there are maybe people who are born in the early 1990's who still watch it lol.
Persona22 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Oh wow! I didn't even remember this show until I saw this... such memories... another show I liked back then was Demetan the Frog.
Cool picture
RMXTrailMix Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
With this now I know what the show's title was; I used to watch this as a kid.
If I remember correctly, the series had a true ending; with both worlds being seperated permanently and the girl loosing contact of her two Koala pals.
I think the girl's name was Emily, but I could be wrong.
tran4of3 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember something similar for the end - I can't recall if it was a totally sad ending, but I'm pretty sure it was bittersweet. And it was Sandy - can't trust our memories with this show!
RMXTrailMix Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Thank you for putting the title back into this show; I honestly had no memory of what this show was called until I saw this.

Blinky had to manualy seperate both worlds by using crystals; with both worlds finally seperated, he lost contact with Sandy and that's where the series ended.
atlantismaniac Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
I've been trying to track down a copy of the show for quite some time.
ghostlychickenfetus Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
For a kids show it was a creative and unique concept.
Sturmjager Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Wow. I haven't thought about that show in eons. And this picture is such a wonderful way to remember it all.

What's funny is how much of it I remember. I don't think I remember "Little Koala," but it WAS a while ago that I last watched. Still, awesome to remember good times like this.
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